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Leading and Developing Public and Private Sector Infrastructure from small focused, specialized projects to large megaprojects.

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CRW Development Leads and Develops Public and Private Sector Infrastructure from small focused, specialized projects to large megaprojects. Is an infrastructure solutions and business development company that manages projects from a financial control, quality management oversight, supply chain management and works with the designers of record and construction contractor to develop the initial tasks, milestones, schedule, deliverables, communication, staffing and management plans for execution of the project. Teams’ experience is on project oversight and management for industrial construction facilities.

CRW Development strongly supports and works to develop minority-based businesses and small businesses, these businesses play a critical role in creating jobs and driving innovation and account for 44% of U.S. economic activity. Black-owned businesses are playing a greater role in the continuing growth of the U.S. economy and CRW Development is a strong proponent, developer and facilitator of this critical segment of the economy.

Public Service Consulting | Government + Public Services | Design + Construction | Infrastructure | Renewable Energy | Telecommunications | Transportation | Water-Wastewater | Finance | Healthcare

12 Years Established: 250 Completed Projects

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CRW Project Finance

CRW Project Finance

Financing + Legal + Investment Advisory. CRW provides Integrated project funding into comprehensive project solutions. Dynamic funding structures for public/private partnerships.

Identification and securing of funding to facilitate public and private investment. Innovative Project Financing and Investment Planning. Capital Projects and Infrastructure.

Our industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated financial services solutions to our focus clients and markets. Smart, innovative, sustainable approaches to developing and maintaining public infrastructure.

CRW Private Public Partnerships

CRW Private Public Partnerships

Public Service Consulting | Government + Public Services

Innovative infrastructure development and service delivery through public-private partnerships with all levels of government.

Helping public sector organizations embrace innovation and transform to improve - developing relevant and sustainable public sector solutions - evidence-based public policy consulting

CRW Infrastructure | Transportation

CRW Infrastructure | Transportation

CRW designs build and operate transportation systems that are drivers in economic development, meeting specific customer needs and maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the investment. Designing sustainable transport networks.

Conceptual studies – Surveys - Planning - Rail and Roads - Airports - Bridges

see more here on: CRW Airport Development

CRW Infrastructure | Water-Wastewater

CRW Infrastructure | Water-Wastewater

CRW offers a full range of high-value services in the construction management for water and wastewater facilities. CRW designs builds and operates treatment plants in full compliance with environmental regulations, meeting specific customer needs and maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the investment.

Facility Operations Consulting Services - Financial Controls - Reclamation Management - Energy Management – Engineering - Large Pipe and Pipe Rehabilitation - Stormwater Management – Wastewater - Operational Improvements - Design to increasing capacity - Wide range of treatment, technology and equipment solutions.

CRW Infrastructure | Renewable Energy

CRW Infrastructure | Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy, Electric Generation, Transmission Systems.

Designs builds and operates power plants; development of renewable energy sources

Conceptual studies, surveys, and planning - Survey of existing electrical networks - Feasibility studies - OEM partnerships - Microgrid management - Build, Own, Operate power generation facilities - Renewable Fuel Cell Technology with Natural Gas Feed

CRW Infrastructure | Telecommunications

CRW Infrastructure | Telecommunications

Conceptual studies, surveys, and planning.

Communications equipment, processing systems, and products.

CRW Infrastructure

CRW Infrastructure

Infrastructure Services and Infrastructure Delivery

Local, regional and international clients.

Total solution design, environmental engineering, urban planning.

CRW Healthcare

CRW Healthcare

Healthcare Services. Life Sciences + Health Care | Healthcare Management Consulting | Global Health

Working to fuel innovation, reduce cost and drive value. Holistic solutions.

CRW Design + Construction

CRW Design + Construction

Design + Construction | Human-Centered design.

Architecture - Construction - Building Construction


Clara Wilkerson

Founder and Principal CRW

Award-Winning International Entrepreneur | + 25 years of experience | Medical Consulting | Economic Development | Marketing Communications

Clients-Industries: Treasury Department, CDC, DoD Military Health System, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Aetna, Bayer, Bank of America, Comerica, Chemical Banks, General Motors, Siemens, Toyota, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, American Medical Association and globally with Philippines and South Africa government agencies.

Hugh F. McKinney

Project Director CRW

Process Engineering | Lean Six Sigma Processes Improvement

Clients-Industries: General Motors, GM manufacturing facilities, Global experience: Africa, Jamaica, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, United States, Construction Housing, Aviation, IT, Six Sigma Process Improvement, Green Technology, City of Nashville.

Raymond Card

Project-Business Development Manager CRW

Project and Business Development Management | +38 years experience

Clients-Industries: Power, Wastewater, Water Infrastructure, Vernamfield Aerotropolis Development, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department System, City of San Francisco Public Utilities.

Anil Gosine

Program Manager CRW

Industrial and Infrastructure Construction, Engineering and Project Management | +21 years of experience | Lead Program Manager

Clients-Industries: Infrastructure Capital Improvement Programs, +$400 million Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Renewal Project Management, City of Detroit, USA, +$40 million Design-Construction Data Center Project Management.


Roland F. Day

Architecture-Planning-Design CRW

Architect | Designer | Principal Design

Clients-Activities-Focus: Design Detroit Center for Architecture + Design Task Force | Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Scholarship | AIA Diversity Council | Board of Directors Detroit East Incorporated


Patricia Funderburk Ware

Principal CRW

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Ware Development Group Inc.

Clients-Activities-Focus: Design, Execution and Management of Projects to stimulate resident-propelled economic growth and revitalization, Director of Community Outreach Programs, political appointee, consultant, and/or a board/committee member in six U.S. Presidential Administrations. United Nations Education Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) Goodwill Ambassador.



“Our consortium structure leverages team members and technology in all respects, comprises of proposals built and customized to satisfy the essential needs and highest expectations of our clients. Our consortium delivers the best solution with partners available globally”


“Our purpose is to provide the highest quality information to Clients enabling intelligent planning, investment and efficient operation of infrastructure. We have a shared vision to gain competitive advantage, in order to provide greater efficiency and effectiveness to our customers”

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